Produce More with an Octaform Barn!

“We’ve seen over a 35% reduction in our heating costs”
Dave P. Hofer, Harlowtown, MT

Hog Finishing Barn

If you are building a barn, consider Octaform.
Our stay-in-place concrete forming system will

  • go up faster
  • cost less &
  • create an ideal environment for your livestock
Hog Finishing Barn Interior

"At Springwater Colony, we have happy hogs.
An average hog raised in the wooden barn took 6 months for full growth at a weight of 225-240 lbs compared to the hogs raised in the Octaform barn that now take 5 months for full growth at an average weight of 250 lbs per hog." 
Andy Hofer, Harlowtown, MT